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How to Make Money

How To Make Money – 50 Easy Ways to Make Money

2020 had been a year we didn’t expect. No one saw what was coming. We all have lost something important. It could be a loved one or a fraction of our savings, if not all of it. It has been filled with unpredictability. This year is time to bounce back. So, I’ve come up with a list for you to help you regain your momentum and supplement your income. I’ve prepared 50 easy, doable, manageable, and most especially, relevant ways to Make Money online this year. To simplify and help you determine your strength and weaknesses, I’ve divided them into 

eight categories: Miscellaneous online activities, Multimedia skills, Be an online content provider, Education, eCommerce and Physical selling, Physical labor for house management, Physical work for fitness and recreation, and General part-time. 

Let’s begin.

How to Make Money

Miscellaneous online activities  

1. Participate in surveys online

Could there be something better than being paid to share your honest opinion about a product or service? Yes, it may take a couple of minutes to participate in surveys, but you can get rewarding when considering the incentive. 

Unlike your regular job, you don’t necessarily have to sit down and spend hours and hours completing the survey. We all have spare time. (Ok, maybe not all, but most.) 

Taking a survey doesn’t have to take up a significant amount of time. It’s just there to fulfill that minutes that you have and to make something out of that. That is why this is so rewarding. Before you know it, you have already accumulated points that will make you happy. 

2. Get paid by using the Internet

Do you know that you can also get rewarded for surfing the Internet? 

It can come in many ways. Either you use a specific search engine, install a plugin, or use a particular browser.

It’s very reminiscent of the early days of the Internet. 

Some cons may come with this, however, like tracking what you do. But just as long as you are aware of it, you can control what you search and what you use the browser for. This isn’t to watch you, but so the developers get the idea of the users’ behavior and test their scripts or algorithm.

How to Make Money

3. Do stocks online

Doing stocks online will not guarantee you any instant money, let alone Money at all. So, if you are rooting for an easy, sure, money to trade your time, skip this one. This isn’t for you. Buying stocks can be satisfying, but it will take a calculated risk. No great physical effort will be required, but it will definitely, take a lot of thinking. 

So unless you want to flex your brainpower in your spare time and have extra cash to invest in online stocks, this one will not be for you. The upshot of it is that once you get the hang of it, the little cash you have now may multiply far more than you can imagine after a while. 

4. Be a ghostwriter online

This is a classic way to Make Money online that doesn’t require you to be tied into fixed working hours. If writing is your thing, this one will be manageable, even naturally easy. But writing isn’t for everybody, right?

 If writing isn’t your cup of tea, signing up for a gig like this may only result in frustration. However, even if you have the talent for it, this will take time. But as long as you enjoy it, this should give you a fulfilling experience. The type of writing can range from academic papers to essays showcasing your opinion about current issues.

How to Make Money

5. Be an eBook writer

Writing an eBook is a lucrative income. While you might have already heard about it, let me tell you that it doesn’t have any guarantee. It takes effort and patience. You can write eBooks about many topics. It can be your novel, the anthology of your opinions, even tutorials or notes about the skill you have. You write, publish, and sell. 

It may sound like a lot of work, but there tons of agents that you can use to get you rolling. You can publish on Amazon’s Kindle, sell on your self-hosted WordPress account, or sell on Gumroad, to name some. It would be a long journey, but I assure you that it’d be fun and fulfilling. 

6. Take advantage of the GPT sites 

Be a general Internet hustler and Get Paid To do random tasks available to you and your region. That is what GPT means. These are generally websites that you will have to sign up for. Once you’re done with that, you will be offered to complete tasks that may range from watching short video clips, filling out surveys, or reading emails. You get points for completing a task. Those points will then be converted to a monetary amount that you can cash in later on after achieving a threshold. You can cash in primarily via Paypal.

How to Make Money

7. Affiliate Marketing 

If you have a flair for selling and promoting products that you love, there’s no reason you will not succeed on this one. 

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission for every point of sale for a product. You get that commission when someone clicks on the link that you included in your article. The rules are broad when it comes to affiliate marketing, but you can get paid just for someone clicking the link to get redirected to the product’s page. In most transaction types, however, you only get it once the purchase is successful. 

If you have a broad audience and are naturally good at marketing a product, this one will be for you. 

8. Sell your skill on Fiverr 

Now, if you would like to level up your Internet hustling, there’s no better place to do it but on Fiverr. There you sell your service online. Either it’s a skill for web development, graphic design, video editing, copywriting, or tutorials, to name some, there’s a place that waits for you there. 

Almost all the skills that you think can be done remotely will have a spot there. On Fiverr, you promote yourself and sell your skills. You charge a minimum of $5 and depending on the workload. In your justification, you can request more. You name your price like you’re the boss, especially if you have a great talent for one thing.

How to Make Money

9. Review apps

Maybe you have a great smartphone or flagship one; you can make a little profit out of it if you allow yourself to be a reviewer. 

As this might take a bit of expertise for some apps, this might not be for everybody. Nonetheless, there should be apps that can have their beta version available for review that will not require expert knowledge. Your goal as a reviewer would be to tell your experience about using the app and let the developers know if everything is just fine and working fully well. This could be great, especially if you are pretty much on your smartphone all the time. 

10. Become a music reviewer at SlicethePie

Do you know a lot about music, beats, rhythm? Do you have relatively good views about it? If so, then we’ve got a recommendation for you: Review music at Slice the Pie. They pay you a specific rate for giving out your thoughts about a piece of upcoming music before they even come out or a new one. 

If it’s available in your region and you can make compelling thoughts about a piece of music, then you can find this gig lucrative. While there will be unlimited pieces of music for review, it can take long hours to see decent income from it. But if you enjoy listening to and reviewing music, you will not feel the time.

How to Make Money

11. Become a virtual assistant 

Becoming a virtual assistant has become a common side gig online. It can be a broad term, though, as you can be a virtual assistant for different types of tasks. Despite that, the idea is unified that you will work for someone else. You still need to submit to the orders and demands of your boss. 

You can either be on a fixed or flexible schedule, depending on the demands of your virtual boss. This kind of gig may require more effort; some managers will demand you to be committed. Because of the possible workload, this has the potential to become lucrative. 

12. Become a copywriter

If you’re pretty snappy and witty and have a flair for coming up with catchy phrases that easily stick to people, being an online copywriter can get you a lot of fun. 

Unlike writing essays or being a ghostwriter online, being a copywriter will not require you thousands of words. Your job essentially is to think of catchy phrases. It should be amusing as it won’t have to take long hours. Yes, you still need to be unique, creative, and effective, but if your passion is in marketing, you won’t have to sit down and commit yourself to eternal boredom. It’s almost like selling and marketing but in words.

How to Make Money

13. Become a social media manager 

Becoming a social media manager can also fall under being a virtual assistant. Yet, this one is a narrowed-down option for making Money online. 

Here, you will work for someone else overlooking the social media channels of a particular brand or business. Your role can vary as there will be times that you will have to provide content yourself, reply to comments, make sure there’s a post every day. 

Essentially, you’re responsible for the brand’s image on social media. You’re always going to be out there in the social media crowd. You will be the primary driver for growing the audience and increasing the popularity of a specific niche. 

14. Take great pics and sell them 

For sure, for the many times, you are on the Internet, you might already be familiar with websites such as Shutterstock or Getty images – to name a few. Those are some of the websites where you can peddle your own taken picture in. 

It’s an excellent way to practice your photography skills if you are a talented amateur. It’s also another great way to make something out of your flagship phone if you have one to make another thing productive out of that. There’s even an app, tons of them. One that I have personally tried is EyeEm. 

Beware, however, that when you’re selling, the quality will be the most important. So, make sure that your photos are worthy enough to be sold.

How to Make Money

Multimedia skills

15. Become a video editor using apps 

Do you know that these days, you don’t necessarily have to be too technical to edit videos, either yours or someone else’s? 

It couldn’t be any easier today as apps are tailored to make high-functional video editing portable and easy to use, such as the iMovie or Adobe Rush. Apps like these two allow you to have outputs that may look as if they’re professionally edited. These apps already have pre-built features, effects, and templates to enable you to employ in the videos and organize clips. 

Another great news is it doesn’t take long hours to be comfortable in such apps. There are tons of them that you can choose from. 

16. Become a graphic designer using apps 

The same goes for graphic designing if motion isn’t your cup of tea. You don’t need to have hardcore knowledge about it creating graphics. With the use of certain apps, you will be able to create something beautiful almost instantly. Take, for example, Canva. It doesn’t just make things easy for you, and it also stimulates your creativity. 

From adding video, creating Instagram posts, and even incorporating music and Instagram, Canva can do all that. In less than a day, you can be good at using Canva. Tweak some templates that are ready-made for you, and you would be able to create meaningful and decent outputs. After that, you’ve gotten your hands on it, apply online, and sell your newly learned Canva skills.

How to Make Money

Be an online content provider.

17. Blog about a specific niche

Blogging about a specific niche is a timeless piece of advice you will always find across the web. It is probably one of the oldest gigs. While it has been surpassed by other side hustles about how you can make Money online, it remains among the most secure way to do so. 

But, with this, you can’t expect Money to flow in right away. Here, you will invest your time, maybe long periods of it, before you can see the gain. If writing is your forte and you have a topic that you’re passionate about, this one will work out for you. 

18. Be a vlogger

One of the hottest gigs out there is this vlogging. Vlogging is video plus blogging. Here you will have to leverage about yourself. You and your lifestyle become the product. It can be your interest as well, such as sports, physical fitness, or if you’re knowledgeable about a specific topic. 

Instead of creating articles out of them, you will have to create compelling and entertaining videos.

 If you have a certain charisma and can carry yourself confidently, this is a good gig for you that will pay off well eventually. All you need to do is entertain to build a solid footing audience. This way, you can work yourself up to celebrity stardom.

How to Make Money

19. Make Money on Instagram

Being on Instagram is integral to being an influencer. There are many ways that you can create Money on Instagram. 

One is to post high-quality and highly engaging posts about a particular topic you’re sincerely interested in, or you can post a pic of yourself. 

After that, you’ve gained a considerable number of followers, and different brands will come to you and pay you to post their brand on your Instagram page. Like with any content-providing gigs, this won’t pay off instantly. It will take time before you see cash coming in. You will first need to build an audience and interact with them as much as possible. 

20. Become a Tiktoker 

Today, TikTok is the most outstanding contender. TikTok has a relatively better edge because, to be honest, TikTok is more engaging and entertaining than many other social media websites. It’s easy to look at the videos, and before you know it, you’ve already spent an hour watching random videos. 

The model is the same as that of Instagram. Put up content on TikTok that people will want to watch. 

When you have a pile of an audience, you can use it as a platform to promote your brand or someone else’s. Like Instagram, this will serve aspiring influencers well.

How to Make Money

21. Take advantage of Instagram’s IGTV

Well, if you’re on the look for the most fantastic and most economical way to Make Money online, you’ll not want to miss the opportunity on IGTV or Instagram TV. 

Create videos and post them on Instagram. Put some ads within the video; after that, you’ve gained enough audience. Here advertisers will pay you to publish and promote their ads. 

Instagram TV is not an entirely different segment of Instagram. Once that you’ve got your IG account, you can post a video. If it is more than a minute long, you will be presented with two options: either get it truncated to 1 minute flat or keep the original length, but it will be posted as IGTV. If the video is uploaded as IGTV, it will play a preview, and then it will pause after a few seconds to allow a user to watch more of the video or its entirety. 

22. Take advantage of Facebook videos

Facebook videos run on a similar idea. You create a video, post it on social media. This time though, it will be on a Facebook page. 

Prolific content providers will sometimes post videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube about a particular topic in different formats. The contents are essentially the same. They would only create various styles, lengths, and setups to specific a particular social media platform. Videos on FB are typically about 5-10 mins long. Plus, you can integrate videos that you post on Instagram to Facebook, convenient and efficient.

How to Make Money

23. Create podcasts 

Do you have a great voice and are opinionated about specific topics. If you have a lot to say and have the guts to be heard, then you’ve got to go on podcasting. You might think that the expensive equipment will set you back, but that is not entirely true. The only capital that you need is your voice, idea, smartphone, computer, and a good microphone. 

Mostly, you already have a smartphone. So to get your voice recorded in pristine quality, all that you’d need is a microphone. A good, quality microphone won’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars. There are some outstanding ones that you can get from $25-$50. As long as you have a blanket, comforters, and pillows, you can soundproof your surrounding. After that you’ve recorded, go ahead and launch it on free podcast apps, such as Anchor. 

24. Create videos on a specific niche for Youtube

Youtube is very popular. You may know why Youtube is so popular and how to Make Money from it, correct? 

Youtube is said to be the second most popular search engine. The ads that sometimes pop right out of nowhere are now Youtube content creators make Money from. The same goes for you. 

Create videos, have at least 1000 subscribers, and an accumulated 4000 video hours played within a year, then you would be able to monetize your channel. 

It’s not an instant success. There will be no guarantees, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, all the time that you’ve invested will surely be fruitful.

How to Make Money


25. Tutorial either online or face-to-face

Now, we are done with just pure entertainment. Let’s jump right into Education. Learning and tutorials are always available jobs. There will always be people who will be more than willing to pay, so they get assistance with their assignments and homework. 

If you’re good at school, this hustle is for you. You get to charge your customers per hour. You can request them a suitably hourly rate, but also you have to make sure that your teaching skills are adequate. This can be challenging as it will require impeccable communication skills and an above-average level of patience. The nature is comparable to customer service. You’re supposed to be authoritative but not intimidating. You need to balance well between being friendly and strict. 

26. Teach a language online 

Maybe you know French, Korean or Japanese, or any language in addition to English. If you do and you want to earn some bucks out of that skill, monetize it. Teach others to be bilingual. Therefore, you would be able to get a financial benefit based on your experience and knowledge. Do not hold back. Many English-speakers are more than welcome to learn different languages in different parts of the world as well. The reverse is true that other people will say a Japanese, who would want to learn other languages as well. And as things get more and more virtually, this hustle can give a substantial income. Technically, if you can speak more than one language, you can set up your online language courses. It is a brilliant way to earn Money quickly.

How to Make Money

27. Solve Math problems and explain the science concepts

I love this one as I can personally relate to this. Remember earlier that we talk about creating videos and posting on different social media platforms?

If you have math skills but want a more flexible side income, you can create videos of you solving problems in Math. You can even use this platform to create content. While you can create videos solving a math problem step-by-step, like a chalkboard discussion, you can try to do a podcast explaining science concepts that students may want to hear in their lunch break, free time, or while they are reviewing. Mathematic is fun, but it is not the thing that everyone can do. Then, if you can do this, it means you can take out a little bit of benefit from that.

28. Create video tutorials 

I would agree that tutorial isn’t my thing. But if you have a talent for explaining, making analogies to simplify a complex concept in different fields that are tackled at school, do not hold back. Combine both of your tutorials and creating video skills to get more financial benefit as well as helping other people to achieve their goals.

Tip: making an appropriate video is a talent, and it needs skills. It would be fantastic if you tech to how to make a good video clip.

Tutorials will always be timeless, either it’s in Math, language, science, economics, social studies because concepts and theories are meant to last, though at times they are difficult to digest. Once that you’re able to simplify complex matters and fun to learn, you’ll tickle the learners, and they will keep coming back to you.

How to Make Money

29. Write notes and create reviewers 

You might be thinking at this point that writing notes and creating reviewers might just be a rehash of a couple of things said above. But it’s not as this one will not necessarily have to be done online. Doing it online and putting them on a PDF file like an eBook is the best way to put them in eCommerce, but this gravitates more to physical transactions, especially if you are a college student. Create reviewers, quizzes, and notes that will benefit your classmates and sell those to them.  

eCommerce and Physical selling

30. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is rocking the world. It’s disrupting online retailers while giving opportunities to most people to break into eCommerce. Just as long as you have time, patience, and willingness to put sweat and creativity, dropshipping is your ally. It requires not a considerable amount of Money to start your online shop without even having thousands of dollars. 

With Dropshipping, you are a mediator between the customer and the supplier who sells the product. It’s a fulfillment service, and as such, your goal is to process your customer’s order. Pass the order information to the supplier, who will then process and ship the goodies and stuff. This is easy to take off, but it’s going to take time before you see a steady stream of income. Once it happens, it’ll be worth it.

How to Make Money

31. Sell on online retailers 

Selling online retailers such as eBay or Etsy, or any listing websites can be an alternative in dropshipping if running your brand isn’t your ideal job. 

Sometimes, it can appear to be too intimidating to be responsible for fulfilling orders. The downside is how it is different from dropshipping is with it. You will have to have the product in the first stage and then start selling them. That means you’ll need to have inventories within your custody. Taking a closer look, this one may require more legwork because essentially, you’ll doing from product acquisition and shipping it. But if you have a unique product, this is the way for you. If you don’t, and if you want to sell someone else’s products, dropshipping is your pal. 

32. Website flipping or buy-and-sell domain names  

Website flipping is the Internet’s jargon for buying and selling domain names. If you have a knack for thinking catchy two-word phrases for almost everything, you can register that as a domain name. Once that it’s in your possession, you can get a hosting service for that, put it on sale, and market it. Soon enough, you may get an offer from someone who wants to buy it. It’s ideal that you also build a large audience. You can put a more substantial price tag on it. If you do it well, the pay will be excellent. The effort will pay off.

How to Make Money

33. Sell hygiene kits

Do you know that the way to making Money is by selling whatever is in demand? Today, people cannot just simply ignore being hygienic. Put a few appropriate hygiene essentials products such as shampoo, soap, cream, etc., in a package. Make sure that health authorities must approve all products. Put your package on sale and market them. Gain an audience maybe through social media or with a physical store. Then you’re off to an immediately profitable income. You will have to do it well, especially with great offers. Find a supplier that gives a reasonable rate for bulk orders. Repack and repackage, and then sell. 

34. Sell vitamin sets, supplements, and power foods

Selling vitamins is another profitable gig that can be a side source of income. The same idea of selling hygiene kits runs on here. Find a supplier that sells legitimate non-prescription vitamins and supplements that can get you the best price for bulk orders. Repackage and sell them. Your products may include vitamin C, skincare, multivitamins, and some power foods that can be snacks. You can also do this for dropshipping or have a physical store and sell physically. There is an essential tip; all products in this category need to get approved by health and food authorities.

How to Make Money

35. Become a model 

Another great and easy gig, but not definitely for everybody, would be modeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your face. Some companies will pay you to be a model for other body parts, such as your hands possibly. It can be for different parts of the body just as long as it fits what they are looking for. Most commonly, though, would be a model that walks on a ramp. 

If you have the confidence, the body, and the face for it, don’t hesitate. It’s a dream job, but it will take a lot of pressure. If you can handle it, this will help pay your bills or increase your savings. 

36. Become a mystery shopper

If you would like to act as a detective, you will find mystery shopping exciting, profitable, and engaging. Here, your job post is being a shopper. So, what you do is to shop to specific stores, gather data, and report those to your employer. You get paid for doing all that. You will need to have an employer for this, and you will do as you are instructed. The goal is to look like a legitimate shopper so that you can observe the actual happenings in the store. You are like a detective here.

37. Shop and get a cashback 

Shop and get a cashback isn’t very much earning Money for trading off your time. This is a form of income that isn’t steady but will get you savings in the long run if you shop regularly. 

You shop for goods, pay for your bills, and buy services at their regular prices. You get a cashback if you use a specific credit card, debit card, or particular payment service that promises you a cashback. It resembles to pay now, get the discount later. This is a great money-saving mechanism. Depending on the purchase that you made is the amount of cashback that you get from it. 

38. Sell your old stuff such as gadgets, gadgets, books, clothes 

If you would like to tone down and productively dispose of your old stuff, sell them. This can be your old Nintendo, smartphones, college textbooks, novels, or clothes. Anything that you can think of can benefit others, even something that you no longer have any use for. Put them on a garage sale or ask your friends, family, or relatives. If you don’t know anyone personally, put them on the Internet. Use the Facebook Marketplace for this or resort to online listing services. As Mark Cuban said, “Keep selling!”

How To Make Money

Physical labor for house management

39. Become a sitter for a baby, child, or a pet

Do you know that some find it therapeutic to look after babies, children, or pets? Those that are still helpless and innocent can sometimes be our best companions. They are like angels that it feels meditative to take care of them. 

This kind of hustle qualifies for a side job. It shouldn’t be a whole-day kind of engagement. Well, of course, it will heavily come down to an arrangement that you will agree. 

It can be a huge commitment, so you can expect the pay to be substantial. If you have the vigor, optimism, and youthful outlook, you’re perfect for this. 

40. Become a cleaner

Personally, I find being a cleaner to be a fabulous job. Not only do you move, but you also get paid. While it’s not for everybody, cleaning can be relaxing to some. It doesn’t take long periods. You can take home with you a reasonable amount of Money, even just for about an hour doing it. On the positive side, You can get paid and do physical activity to lose weight and get a better shape. Although, it is not an easy job.

You also get to decide on the schedule. And how can you find a client? Market yourself through listing services. Or you can do it for your friends, family, or relatives. It’s decent, and it helps get a side income. 

41. Be an errand-runner 

This can work in conjunction with being a cleaner. But this can also stand on its own if cleaning doesn’t suit you well. If you are like me, I’d rather be constantly on the move and run errands for someone else than clean a house, a room, or a workspace. I love going from place to place to fulfill a job or to get something done. 

But washing the dishes, wiping, and making sure that everything is in order and tidy aren’t my cup of tea. So, running errands for someone else like doing groceries, paying bills, picking up packages at the post office can be lucrative. You can join several apps to do the shopping for other people, such as door dash. It takes little time to be fully registered and become an active shopper. However, when you finish all your processes, you can start to Making Money quickly. 

42. Become a delivery guy

So if you have a car or a bike, you can sign up and be a member of a delivery service app. The business model is similar to Uber, but for this, your passenger isn’t a person. Uber Eats could be an example that you can start Making Money quickly. 

It’s a package of an order sent by someone to somebody. Initially, service like this was designed for those who have cars, but for short distances, bikes will do. If you have and don’t have a car, motorcycles can also be satisfying to get the job. You can be on full-time or part-time for this.

How to Make Money

Physical labor for fitness and recreation 

43. Become a life coach if you have good advice to share

If you want to make a change and help someone improve themselves, if you have the wisdom for it, or if you have the methods that personally worked for you, share them and get paid as a bonus. 

You can be a virtual or online life coach for this if you have the heart and passion for helping others and yourself succeed in their dreams and help improve themselves. 

There are a lot of online opportunities available for this. To apply, they will test your response, and the process will include how you will respond to certain situations. If you’re naturally empathetic, wise, comforting, and reasonable, this can work great. 

44. Become a fitness coach 

If you are an athlete or a fitness buff and have viable advice that you can give to some or tips that you can share to keep someone fit all the time, why not be a fitness coach? 

Your job as a coach is to make sure that there’s progress every single day, either small or big, and all the tasks are properly done. 

You create and plan a workout that’s manageable and doable. You make sure that each day they are practiced. You need to become credible for this. 

So to bolster your reputation, you can sign up for online courses. Get a certification from that. Classes will typically run about a few times a week at a 2 to 3hr-per-week rate.

45. Become a nutrition coach and create meal plans 

Not fit for a fitness coach or a life coach? If food is your thing and you have a lot to share on the table that is healthy, relevant, and not impossible to prepare, you can get a side gig as a part-time nutrition coach. 

It’s not enough, however, passion for this area alone. You will have to be knowledgeable about this. So, like with being a fitness coach, you can start your journey on being a nutrition coach with an online course that you can get, say, on Udemy. 

After that you’ve completed a course, you get a certificate that you can show off and increase your getting clients. 

46. Teach swimming or sports that you’re good at 

People would always want to learn new skills to use for recreation or entertain themselves with new challenges. If you know any particular skills, such as swimming, yoga, badminton, and you’re good at it, then why now profit from it. Make sure to get your license if it is required. 

Make your spare time productive and turn it into Money while sharing your knowledge on a particular skill. You can teach kids, adults, people of the same age groups as yours, or your peers. This should be enjoyable, so only do this if you like socializing out with people and being in charge. It can be an excellent physical activity because as you teach, you demonstrate the skill yourself, which makes you move.

How to Make Money

47. Teach musical instruments 

If you play a musical instrument and sightread, then why not capitalize on that skill, teaching others who are passionate enough to learn. 

Even in the adult age, there will be ones interested in learning a musical instrument. It could be for many reasons. One is for leisure. Two is for brain exercise because, just like when learning a new skill, playing an instrument requires mental effort. Hence, it makes the brain healthy. Teach for kids if you have the patience and if you are a natural kid-pleaser. If being around kids isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can teach adults. 

General part-time and renting out

48. Be a barista

Being a barista is fun, engaging, and rewarding. Not only can you earn, but you also get to learn new skills that you can grow and develop with you as time goes by. 

You’ll learn about coffee, the way it’s prepared, and other related aspects about it, which is so cool. This gig may require a fixed or a regular schedule, albeit a slimmed-down one if you get accepted for a job like this. You may be required to perform about 20 hours per week part-time. The schedule can be depending on what you’re ready to commit. Indeed, it is a fun job to have.

49. Rent your bike or old stuff that you don’t want to sell 

So, if you have old stuff that is just sitting right there in your house, instead of having them piled by dust, monetize them. 

The first option is to sell them, but you may be sentimental about some of the things you possess. (We all get that.) 

You can profit from them by renting them out to those who might need them for a temporary period. An example could be renting your unused bicycle for even a tiny amount of Money. Many people have two, three, or even four bicycles in their homes that nobody uses them. Also, many families have younger kids that they enjoy riding a bike. New bikes are not very cheap to buy. Therefore, neighbors can rent bicycles from neighbors.

50. Rent your free space

If you don’t have a lot of stuff or if you already have sold them to make your living more minimalistic, then something else is what you will be looking at. If you have a huge space or a free room, why not have somebody else benefit from it. 

Turn it into a profit instead of that space getting wasted. There’s always something that you can do about it for a time. Rent out the spare room, so you have a passive income, even just for a short time. You can save that Money for your emergency fund. If not, you can use that to pay some meals or bills. Airbnb is one of the apps that can help you to rent your extra rooms. Also, you can rent your spare space by using free classifieds websites such as craigslist.

How to Make Money


There are several ways to Make Money fast and easy. Some people like to work in large or small companies. On the other hand, many people enjoy working for themself. It depends on you and what you want to enjoy doing. Research, smart move, and hardworking are the main factors to get success. Let us know if you’re going to add more points to this list.

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